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Holistic workflow platform for Digital Assets

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Workflow embedded functions

We act as a software and as a service provider for all types of investment fund vehicles


Asset tokenization

  1. Our platform includes legal compliant and banking grade smart contracts for asset tokenization. The DLT protocol that we use is EVM compatible and reflects not only the current legal requirements within the EU but also the upcoming requirements of the BCBC Standard SCO 60 (SCO60 – Cryptoasset exposures ( i.e., Our technology prevents our customers from having to back their tokenized investment funds with 1250% additional liable equity
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Key Management & Custody

We provide our client to options to manage the private clients of their tokenized Assets:

  1. We offer a banking grade integrated solution which is embedded in our platform
  2. We can integrate and interact with existing custody & key management solutions of our clients (e.g., METACO, Fireblocks)
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Subscriptions & redemptions, deposit transfers

We offer a holistic based settlement for tokenized assets, incl. cash leg E.g.:

Settlement of fund units: Subs & reds & deposit transfers are sttled fully via blockchain and ensures the maximum of effiency and transparency

Cash leg: The cash leg could be stelled either via FIAT money based on our integrated SWIFT engine or via accepted DLT based money.
As a result we can ensure our clients a settlement <= t+1!


Life Cycle Events

Our platform offers a set of banking grade smart contract to digitize all relevant life cycle events of digital assets, e.g. for investment funds:

  • Seeding
  • Distributions
  • Fund mergers
  • Fund closures


Our platform provides a fully legally compliant DLT based fund unit registry function which could be used:

  • As central registry
  • A decentralized registry
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Digitazion via Smart Contracts

Our platform provides an embedded set of banking grade smart contracts to support the full value chain of the Asset management industry for a holistic handling of tokenized fund units:

  1. Reporting: Real time transaction reports
  2. Fund transaction related tax figures: eg.g., advance lump sum (available from may 2024)
  3. Trailer fees calculation (available from July 2024)
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Implementation services

Together with our partner adesso we can provide a full range of It services:

  • Implementation support
  • Data center services
  • Client individual software operation models

Fundsonchain enables the evolution of the global asset management industry