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fundsonchain is one of the leading workflow platforms providing a holistic, legally compliant handling of tokenized & digital assets. Our solution is fully legally compliant with the current legal regimes in the EU.

fundsonchain has been founded in 2021 by Volker Braunberger and Johann Hainzinger. Both have more than two decades of working experience within the Global asset management industry.

Because tokenization alone is useless, fundsonchain integrates its tokenization capability into a holistic workflow for an end-to-end management of tokenized assets. Thus we help the national and international asset management industry to digitize their existing business and make it fit for future by leveraging our blockchain based technology. This enables us to step together into the next level of asset management for one simple reason:

To make digital assets and especially investment funds the most attractive product for retail and institutional investors, today and tomorrow!

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Meet the team

Long-term experience in investment management, blockchain and IT

Volker Braunberger

Johann Hainzinger